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Peach Fruit Roll Ups


So this is my first attempt at home made fruit roll ups, my first attempt at using agave nectar as a sweetener and my first attempt at writing a blog from my iPad. Yikes!

We’ll let’s clear something up. This IPad is not new, it is a hand me down but I surely don’t mind a used IPad. I think I am really going to like it.

Ok back to the fruit roll ups. First off I am pretty sure that I put them in the oven too late in the day. I will be up half the night waiting for these to be done. Never the less, the concoction that I put in the oven tasted amazing so I’m excited to try them out.

I was inspired to make them by my man Jammin’ Jay and The Farmer’s Market. I am looking to add to my farm stand and these combine the local fruit Option with my need/love/therapy that is baking.

The problem with this experiment is that right now, I have no idea how much fruit I put into the mixture so I have no clue how to price them. I’m going to say that input in 1/2 qt of frozen Georgia Peaches. Oh my gosh these peaches were amazing when I froze them and they really kept their color. I halved the fresh peaches, pitted them and them took the skins off. I put them in a bowl and then I tossed them with the appropriate amount of fruit fresh and a little bit of sugar. I then put them in quart freezer bags and stuck them in the freezer.

So tonight when I decided to make fruit roll ups, I simply took a quart bag out and cut it in half.

Next I put the peaches in a sauce pan to defrost them. I turned it on low so I didn’t fry the peaches but gradually let them thaw. I mashed the peaches up as I stirred them. I added 2 T. Of Agave Nectar for a bit more sweetening. I cooked the mixture a bit more and then I stuck it in my food processor. I processed the mixture until it was completely smooth.

After it was sufficiently smooth, I poured the mixture onto a piece of parchment paper that I put over my Pampered Chef Bar Pan. I spread the mixture out evenly and then stuck it into my oven at 170 degrees. I read somewhere that it was better if you could get your oven to 150 degrees but 170 was the lowest mine could go so…


Since I put them in the oven so late it was after 1:30 am before I could turn the oven off. I made Daren go downstairs and turn them off. I then promptly went to sleep.

When I got up this morning, I took the fruit out of the oven. I pulled the parchment paper off onto my large cutting board. I then tried cutting the strips with my pizza cutter. It cut the fruit fine but not the parchment paper. So I then just used my kitchen shears.

Daren was my first guinea pig. They peeled just fine and they were easy to eat. He really liked them. Brittany on the other hand, wouldn’t even try them. All she would say is…”I don’t like peaches.” Blah blah blah


Currently I have blueberry and strawberry in the oven cooking. We cooked them up right after church and will take them out around 7 pm tonight. I will cut them tomorrow morning.